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My New Schedule



Friday, May 12, 2006 at 3:33 PM EDT

I’ll always be an author no matter what. In the meantime though, i will focus on other capabilities that i have since i love having my own money and being independent.

Two and a half weeks ago i got accepted into a college. I was going to study being a medical assistant. My financial aid was being processed since i was qualified for it. I’d gotten my uniform and i was to pick up my medical books on the first day that i started school. My representative had a part time job hooked up for me too.

However, just the weekend before i was to begin classes i changed my mind.

There was no doubt that i would successfully complete my courses, however, i didn’t want to spend a whole year or more in school when i could be free now making a second career while having my own space. I prefer to work full time rather than go to school then work part time. So i went on a interview and got a job that i like!




Thursday, March 30, 2006 at 2:05 PM EST

Spring is here and the weather seems to be getting better. I’ll be going out more now than i did during the cold winter season.

Yesterday was a nice day, i enjoyed myself. I enjoy myself most of the time when i go out anyway! I love beautiful warm days an nights. I’m looking forward to those periods in the summer.

I’ve encountered many well-behaved people within my lifetime. Plenty have been generally courteous, showing proper ettiquette. And, i’ve done the same. Then you have some who are just spiteful.

I went into a neighborhood store that usually stays crowded. A woman who looked to be in her forties stood up at the counter waiting for an order she’d put in. And, she was stinking. Either she sprayed perfume over her funk or sweated through the fragrance.

Sometimes people will walk away from the counter and stand somewhere else in the store to let people who are making quick purchases get by and through, to avoid the slight hazard of over-crowding. If i know that what i paid for-like a hero-will take a little while to be made i’ll move out the way so other people can make their purchases.

I had to squeeze through this lady and someone else, and she sarcastically uttered “Don’t say excuse me”.

I didn’t have to respond. And i usually don’t respond to pettiness. But sometimes i strike back out of my being feisty. So i uttered back to her “Fuck you”.

Then she sarcastically replied “You’re not my type”. And i said “You’re not mine either, you stinking #$%&*!” ( my creative way of putting it).

Young And Dumb



Monday, March 06, 2006 at 1:31 PM EST

There is a girl who lives on my block and she is in her late teens. Now, i am a grown woman and almost every time she sees me she feels compelled to start trouble with me. She utters smart remarks at me and mocks me. This girl is a total fool. I don’t have any time for her nonsense, i ignore her of course.

Her jealousy is flattering.

The funny thing about this situation though is that i’ve been around longer than she has and i know the root of her problem. I remember her mother when i was a little girl, she wasn’t even born yet. Her mother was heavily on crack while she was pregnant with her so the repercussions are obvious in her ongoing silly behavior.

During her mother’s heavy drug-addiction she slept around with three of her boyfriend’s friends. And, this is the dirt: this teenage girl’s older sister and brother share the same father, but she and her younger siblings may not.

After her mother’s three scandalous affairs (sleeping with her man’s buddies for some crack) three children resulted after each sexual encounter, including herself. And even though she may not be his her mother’s boyfriend had to take care of her along with the two other children who possibly wasn’t his.

However, i do know for a fact that that last child isn’t his.

So anyway, the moral to this story is i know this young girl’s background yet she’s got the nerve to be fucking with me because i wear decent clothes and have a better life than she does and because the rest of her trashy-types are against me.

She don’t know me. I don’t care how old she is, i don’t tolerate bullshit! I could come down hard on her with the things that i know. But is it worth it? No, not really. She’s just a very sick little girl.

A Man Thing



Sunday, March 05, 2006 at 4:25 PM EST

A week ago on a saturday, i went out to shop for a little something then i went and ate at a restaurant that i like. On my way back home at the subway station three guys were waiting for me. One of them alerted the other two that i was present as i was making my way through the turnstile. I took a different exit out of the subway that night. I didn’t want to be near those assholes. My enemies keep tabs on me. They are always in my business, wondering where i’m going and what i’m doing. And, the people they send to spy on me i don’t even know them but i’m a very smart person so i know when to detect certain things.

It is a free country, they can do what they want as long as they don’t put their hands on me. However, i do watch my back and i will never stand by and let somebody harm me if i can do something about it. When i caught my bus i sat in a back seat. The bus was crowded so the three assholes stood up by the back door a short distance from me. The guy who’d alerted the other two while we were down inside the subway turned back to look at me a couple of times and i stared back at him.

Why are they always sending guys after me? Men don’t scare me.

The day before, on the prior friday, my enemies used a neighbor of mine to call my house because they knew i was home alone. They were trying to set me up, get me to come out so that they could harm me or start some shit. It is a shame that they don’t have a life.

Later that saturday night, i went to the laundromat because my washing machine is currently not running. Anyway, as i was putting my clothes inside the dryer i overheard a young girl on her cell phone talking about a guy that she was messing with. Evidently, the guy was messing around with two other girls besides her and she wanted to fight one of the other girls. She was highly emotional about it too.

When i finished placing my clothes into the dryer i decided to kill some time by going to Kentucky Fried Chicken. It was late, a little after eleven (the laundromat stays open for 24hrs). On my quick bus ride back home i overheard another girl’s conversation over some guy. But this girl was much older about in her thirties, and they were having the same problem. Her man was also dealing with other women besides her and she was talking about fighting over him. And she was also highly emotional over the situation.

I’m a thirty year old woman going on thirty-one and i have never been in this predicament. I don’t understand it, i really don’t. I don’t know what it is about these men that makes these females act the way they do. To each his or hers own and i’m not saying that anything is wrong with people having romantic relationships, nevertheless, i’ve never in my entire life had any real feelings for a man and i could never imagine getting myself so worked up over one. I have never been in those two girls shoes and i don’t ever want to!

Anything Goes



Sunday, March 05, 2006 at 3:50 PM EST

Over the years i’ve seen and heard a lot of things just like many other people have. There are some incidents that i can’t fully remember and certain things that are just not worth telling. This is a crazy world we all live in and unbelievable things often do happen, you can either take it or leave it.

I’ve always been an observant person. I chalk things up to experience, acknowledging that there are numerous types of people doing and behaving in all kinds of ways whether or not you can relate to it or even imagine it.

Three years ago, i attended service for jury duty at a brooklyn courthouse. As i waited along with a large room full of people to be called to go up to one of the rooms where the judges were located, a man walked into our area. He was dark complexioned and came in dressed like royalty. This man literally wore a velvet or velour suit with a long thick bright blue-colored cape that was trimmed in gold hanging over his shoulders, dragging almost down to the ground. And, to top it all off upon his head sat a golden emperor crown. Everyone who sat inside the large room laughed at him, including myself.

Now, i don’t know if this man was high, really considered himself to be a member of a royal family, or just using the get-up as a means to escape from serving jury duty. It could have been all three of my suggestions but whatever it was it all worked out for him because he was able to get out of doing service. Everybody got another good laugh at the man when he left out the room so even if he was crazy he still knew what he was doing!

Years before that, i was riding on a bus during the evening and me and the bus driver caught eye of a guy leaving the driver’s seat of his car to go help his friend pull a girl by her legs as she lay flat on her stomach holding tightly onto the passenger seat with her arms and hands. I watched the bus driver shake his head at the scene. The girl was dressed in a short black jacket, short tight black skirt with black pantyhose, and she wouldn’t budge from that car as she was being pulled. The two guys were dressed casual.

The way i read the situation was that this was probably a girl who’d pissed these guys off bad enough that they were going to leave her stranded. And she was refusing to let them leave her someplace she wasn’t familiar with without any money. People can be so dirty!

Dishing It Out But, Can’t Take It!


fresh and very tasty drink

Wednesday, February 22, 2006 at 10:54 PM EST

I had to go take care of some business one afternoon. I waited a long time for the person i had to see. I sat from about noon to a little after four p.m. in a medium size room full of people that had no windows. I was tired and i needed some air so i decided to go down to the first floor of the building and stood inside, leaning against a desk by the front entrance.

While i was minding my own business, looking out the glass door the security guard there behind the desk began to pick at me.”Are you alright?” he asked, trying to be funny.

I just ignored him. Then he kept on with other smart remarks and i still ignored him.

Then, he came out and said “Oh, i better call an ambulance for her!” He just kept showing off. I don’t know if the security guard suit went to his head or what. All i know is that i got tired of him and his mouth and i said “No, you better call immigration”.

And boy did he get excited. He was a black foreigner who had an accent and my words really got to him. He raised his voice at me saying get out of here! But i didn’t budge. Then he threatened to call security on me. For what? He should have kept his mouth shut.

And anyway, i thought he was security!

Indecent Behavior In Public


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Monday, February 13, 2006 at 1:37 PM EST

In the summer, i was walking down the street of my neighborhood at night to catch a bus. When i reached the parking lot located near a Walgreens i happened to turn around and spot a white car that had black tinted windows.

As streetlights surrounded the open area, i was able to get a view inside the car. And as i continued to pass on by i watched a white guy sit behind the steering wheel while a blond-headed white woman gave him a blow-job. I saw her raise up for air then go back down on him.

I live in a predominately black neighborhood so their light skin stood out and it was obvious they weren’t from around my neighborhood. They didn’t think anybody noticed them through the tinted windows, but i did, and you never know who else may have.