Thursday, March 30, 2006 at 2:05 PM EST

Spring is here and the weather seems to be getting better. I’ll be going out more now than i did during the cold winter season.

Yesterday was a nice day, i enjoyed myself. I enjoy myself most of the time when i go out anyway! I love beautiful warm days an nights. I’m looking forward to those periods in the summer.

I’ve encountered many well-behaved people within my lifetime. Plenty have been generally courteous, showing proper ettiquette. And, i’ve done the same. Then you have some who are just spiteful.

I went into a neighborhood store that usually stays crowded. A woman who looked to be in her forties stood up at the counter waiting for an order she’d put in. And, she was stinking. Either she sprayed perfume over her funk or sweated through the fragrance.

Sometimes people will walk away from the counter and stand somewhere else in the store to let people who are making quick purchases get by and through, to avoid the slight hazard of over-crowding. If i know that what i paid for-like a hero-will take a little while to be made i’ll move out the way so other people can make their purchases.

I had to squeeze through this lady and someone else, and she sarcastically uttered “Don’t say excuse me”.

I didn’t have to respond. And i usually don’t respond to pettiness. But sometimes i strike back out of my being feisty. So i uttered back to her “Fuck you”.

Then she sarcastically replied “You’re not my type”. And i said “You’re not mine either, you stinking #$%&*!” ( my creative way of putting it).

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