Sunday, May 14, 2006 at 12:51 PM EDT

I have an aunt who is mentally handicap due to her mother’s negligence during pregnancy. My grandmother drank alcohol and didn’t nurture her body the way that she was suppose to while she carried my aunt. So, my aunt was born on the slow-side.

And, to top it off, when she was sixteen these people she use to hang out with slipped mescaline in her soda, flipping her out then making her situation worse. She was hospitalized and put on medication.

In her late twenties, my aunt got married to a “mentally disturbed” man who abused her, again making her situation even worse than before! When she left him she returned back home talking to herself and running wilder with men than she ever had in her entire life.

She is forty years old now and she totally gets on my nerves. She’s clumsy. She doesn’t clean up after herself, she doesn’t know how to travel or handle any business-and that’s just to say the least! All she desires to do is heavily smoke cigarettes and drink coffee.

Thank goodness she’s attending a program for about four hours a day. My aunt’s behavior is totally off the wall! Innately, she has a very good heart and she is not significantly threatening to anyone. It is deep though how sick some people can be.

She has acted out numerous times in the street, portraying imaginary events made up in her troubled mind. My aunt was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic and her situation is no joke!

This may sound harsh and insensitive but i don’t particularly have too much sympathy for retarded people. Yes, some of them aren’t as bad off as others and some may say that it is not their fault that they came into the world “not right”. Nevertheless, i absolutely have no patience for their trying behavior.

No matter how much you make an effort to teach and show some of them the path of being conductive they fail to produce. A lot of retarded people are nothing but trouble too! They continually lie, steal, then cause conflict with and between others-often getting by this way.

Many people will dismiss their “nuisances” and “menaces” because of their unfortunate circumstance. However, retards are not totally blameless.

There are some who are very aware of how people look at their situation when they’re creating mischief and they take advantage of that, inspiring them to think that they can do and cause as much trouble as they want, assuming that they will be excused.

Yes indeed, these retards know what they be doing sometimes. They are very sick mentally. And their no good behavior should not always be overlooked simply due to the fact that they’re “missing a few screws”. In certain instances their actions are dangerous and need careful attention and evaluation.



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