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Wheat Grass



Posted on September 29, 2007 by 

In my mid to late teens i use to visit and purchase certain items from a particular health food store in my area. During that time in my life which was about fifteen years ago i first learned about wheatgrass.

I had a juicer at home, but it was a high-speed juicer and not the appropriate one for extracting the juice from wheatgrass. Conveniently, the health food store had a slow-turning juicer (wheatgrass juicer) and i was able to sample out what it was like. Once wheatgrass is juiced there is a limited time that you have to drink it before it loses it’s potency.

It is said that the things that taste very nasty are the best things for you and i do have to say that wheatgrass juice was one of the nastiest things that i have ever tasted! Wheatgrass juice though is the most nutritious and cleansing juice that there is. Wheatgrass itself is seven inch tall grass that is grown from wheatberries on one inch of soil.

Wheatgrass juice benefits many parts of the body including the liver, kidneys, glands, spleen, muscles, bones, teeth, blood cells and hair.

Wheatgrass juice protects the lungs and blood from air, toxins, cigarette smoke, heavy metals and water pollution. The juice of wheatgrass can also be applied to the skin or scalp. It can be used to wash out the eyes, teeth, gums and sinuses. And, it can be implanted rectally to cleanse and heal the body’s large intestine.

Wheatgrass also works as a weight loss remedy by suppressing the appetite and by stimulating the metabolism and circulation. Not only do humans benefit from the abilities of wheatgrass but animals as well! It has aided the reproduction and maintenance in herbivorous mammals.

What i also learned back then is that wheatgrass contains a full spectrum of trace elements, minerals and vitamins. Those in particular include amino acids (protein) , special enzymes, magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, chlorophyll, vitamins E, C, A and B complex.

And, just a few of the many conditions that are responsive to wheatgrass are ulcers, infection, anemia, hay fever, constipation, diabetes, colitis, bronchitis, asthma, skin disorders, acne, fatigue, hypoglycemia, heart disease, circulatory weakness, blood pressure (high or low) and aging.


Red Lobster



Red Lobster Versus Home Cooking

Thursday, August 10, 2006 at 4:19 PM PDT

I ate at a Red Lobster restaurant for the very first time when i was at the age of sixteen. During my early twenties i went and dined at Red Lobster frequently. And it had become my favorite restaurant.

It was my favorite restaurant until recently though.

The Red Lobster that was located closer to where i live turned into an Applebee’s which i don’t care for very much i just settled for the place until i came across another Red Lobster that i didn’t have to travel too far a distance out of my way to get to and because i love shrimps. So i hadn’t been there in a very long time.

When i started my job a while ago i found out there was one located right near where i work so it was convenient for me to go there. I ate at the Red Lobster three times last month and in my opinion the restaurant isn’t what it use to be. I see why Red Lobster isn’t advertised often on television any more.

Aside from Red Lobster’s drop in quality the server’s at this particular restaurant were also of a poor quality. I said after those last three times that i wasn’t going back there but i got tired of eating the same shit almost every day on my dinner break.

You see, i get bored real quick and there aren’t too many eateries around where i work that can spark up my appetite. So this past monday i went back.

A ugly black bald-headed bruised-looking female who waited on me the first time i dined there took my order then headed to the kitchen right after making eye contact with a co-worker of her’s who was sitting at one of the tables on her break eating a meal.

She’d just come back to her plate then rose again to go meet this beast-looking girl who thought she was being slick.

The first three times i ate there i never tipped any of the waiters. I had better things to do with my money. And even though i had a pocket full of money to me every dollar counts.

In part with me being stingy the certain low-lifes working there who may know of me and my dislike for their kind by my enemies planned to spike up my food. I left the restaurant immediately. I instantly knew what they had in store for me. Those scumbags will never get the chance to fuck over me.