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Thursday, June 15, 2006 at 1:59 AM EDT

A month ago during the afternoon i was on my way to work. As i walked to catch my bus a man in a grey car was parked toward the end of a block. I knew he was waiting for me to come pass in that direction. I sensed it so i took a peek inside his car’s tinted window. All i saw was his size and lower body as he sat behind the wheel.

As i continued to walk down several more blocks he followed me, circling each block i’d pass then waving his arm out through the sun-roof to let me know that he was on my trail. He’d park around every corner i made it to. I didn’t have a pen on me at the time to take down his license plates.

The stupid asshole was trying to make me paranoid to discourage me from going to work. It’s all just a part of my enemies plans to defeat me. And it doesn’t make any sense because i am not bothering them. They are purely sick. They all look sick too and i always get a negative vibe when they come around me. I hate them.

Whenever they try to stop me it just makes me more determined. I don’t give a damn about any of them and their pathetic lives but i’m very important to them all for their own sick reasons.

A few days after this incident on the same block while i was on my way to work another set up took place. A van was parked in the same spot the guy in the car laid for me at. The back doors were wide open and a guy stood across on the sidewalk. They were going to try to shove me in the van to kidnap me. I noticed it at a distance then crossed the street.

I swear if anyone ever tries to hurt me i will do my best to try to kill them! I am so sick and tired of their shit! That wasn’t the end of it either. It was a very hot week for my enemies schemes. They thought they were being slick, however, i’m much slicker.

When i arrived to the area of my place of work during the same week i went to a Wendy’s restaurant and as i past by a “planted” group of a chosen few they’d make silly noises. And the thing about it is that they are so transparent. I know what they be doing and they don’t faze me one bit. Then a couple of days later i went to Wendy’s again and some asshole had the audacity to call my house uttering “Wendy’s” to let my mother know they knew my whereabouts, attempting to make her paranoid. Who gives a fuck? She knew what he was doing.

We have been well aware that i’ve been being followed by my jealous enemies for years. What the fuck does it suppose to mean? He tried to fuck with my mother’s head over the phone and she fucked with his. Then the stupid ass kept calling back. We don’t even know these people.

Again, the following few days i’m resting on a pole a little drowsy from taking some cough medicine minding my own business waiting for my bus at a gas station when a green jeep with two guys in it pulls up. Were they going to get some gas? Nope! They stopped in front of me, rolled the window down asking me if i was alright. I just walked away then they drove over and talked to these two young boys who they had “planted” for me. I knew the boys were planted even before the jeep pulled up. They just confirmed my knowledge.

This shit went on for two weeks straight. And just a couple of nights ago i was coming home from work when a white jeep was parked in a slant around a corner. I knew they were watching me. Then the man in the driver’s seat had the nerve to back up to where i was standing to ask me if everything was okay and was i alright. A woman sat in the passenger seat. I said “Why wouldn’t i be alright. I’m waiting for my bus”. And he said “Okay, i was just curious”.

What i think is they don’t want me to be alright. I’m doing too good for them all. I don’t know when they’re going to learn. Can’t nobody bring me down with stupid shit. I’m on a whole different level, a very high level. I’m going to continue to be happy and do just fine. My “Divine Spirit” an my Ancestors are eventually going to take care of then put a stop to my enemies for good. I know it! Most of them have already been fixed.



Anything Goes



Sunday, March 05, 2006 at 3:50 PM EST

Over the years i’ve seen and heard a lot of things just like many other people have. There are some incidents that i can’t fully remember and certain things that are just not worth telling. This is a crazy world we all live in and unbelievable things often do happen, you can either take it or leave it.

I’ve always been an observant person. I chalk things up to experience, acknowledging that there are numerous types of people doing and behaving in all kinds of ways whether or not you can relate to it or even imagine it.

Three years ago, i attended service for jury duty at a brooklyn courthouse. As i waited along with a large room full of people to be called to go up to one of the rooms where the judges were located, a man walked into our area. He was dark complexioned and came in dressed like royalty. This man literally wore a velvet or velour suit with a long thick bright blue-colored cape that was trimmed in gold hanging over his shoulders, dragging almost down to the ground. And, to top it all off upon his head sat a golden emperor crown. Everyone who sat inside the large room laughed at him, including myself.

Now, i don’t know if this man was high, really considered himself to be a member of a royal family, or just using the get-up as a means to escape from serving jury duty. It could have been all three of my suggestions but whatever it was it all worked out for him because he was able to get out of doing service. Everybody got another good laugh at the man when he left out the room so even if he was crazy he still knew what he was doing!

Years before that, i was riding on a bus during the evening and me and the bus driver caught eye of a guy leaving the driver’s seat of his car to go help his friend pull a girl by her legs as she lay flat on her stomach holding tightly onto the passenger seat with her arms and hands. I watched the bus driver shake his head at the scene. The girl was dressed in a short black jacket, short tight black skirt with black pantyhose, and she wouldn’t budge from that car as she was being pulled. The two guys were dressed casual.

The way i read the situation was that this was probably a girl who’d pissed these guys off bad enough that they were going to leave her stranded. And she was refusing to let them leave her someplace she wasn’t familiar with without any money. People can be so dirty!