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My Realistically Blown Mind ( My Reality Check )



Sunday, March 18, 2007 at 12:33 AM PDT

I feel so much more superior. And, that everyone else is inferior. My head is so high up in the air that, i don’t care about, want to hear about, or have any fear about any other soul.

I continuously stay up on the top. And there is no way that i am going to stop.

I have reached a very aspired goal, things are rapidly beginning to unfold.

Here now that i am finally having my day every and all things should keep inspiring to go my way.


My LiL Brandie ( The Best Human Dog I Ever Had! )



Thursday, November 30, 2006 at 4:43 PM PST

I think about her almost every day. How she always did things in her own special way. I miss her. I want to kiss her. I look forward to the day when i will reminisce with her.

We are still together as she comes back to me during times that i dream. And we continue to be forever communicating our messages throughout every scene.

We share a bond that no one can break and we have a love that no one can take. Indeed there was no mistake how fate gave then made us powerful enough that we could relate. We were made for one another. We worked so well for each other.

There is an absolute connection. A source of my protection. And a day never goes by where i don’t understand why. She is one of my angels up in the heavens, one of the loyal spirits around me guarding my life.

I recognized what she was while she was down here on this earth and would be a fool now not to know how much more she is really worth.


The Beauty Of Good Versus Evil



Thursday, May 18,2006 at 8:43 am PDT

I don’t belong to you. I’m too strong for you. Don’t want me to be who i am since your life is nothing but a sham. I don’t give a damn!

You all keep hating on me. Continuing to act crude. I know you all are still jealous because i don’t screw a bunch of dudes. It doesn’t bother me, though. I know i seem to be rude. I remember when you all planted that shit in my food. Trying to prevent me from creating a superior brood.

Want to contaminate my soul with the many evils of spells. You are all still amazed at how i wouldn’t quit, holla, and yell. I wasn’t suppose to. The joke was on you! I laugh at you now. Your dirt is reversed. No longer am i bound by a bullshit curse.

I doubt strongly that you will ever be able to test me again. If so, your body won’t survive long enough to make an amends.

I though, i am alive and here. Now and forever, all so clear! It’s way past the time for you all to discover-that my power which was given shall remain there until the end. Until the second time he is risen a new world will begin.

So get it right! Get it right today. Really what is this delay? Don’t you know tomorrow could be your doomsday.


The Mysteries Of Life



Wednesday, May 17, 2006 at 5:43 AM PDT

Life is strange. In it there are heartaches and pains. Devastation and shames.

There are also many laughter and joys which make us likewise in the same.

Nobody knows everything. Anything-that causes one to ask why.

Would we endeavor, though, to pry? Or, would rather we be told a lie?

Knowledge is indeed good, but is too much of it a bad thing?

I’d never just be- to enslave myself in the darkness. Because without the light we’d never be able to see.

Life is a creation. And the creation is our life. Something at birth is genuinely of great beauty, value, and worth. So why is it so very easy for us to all kill, conquer, and destroy then beg back for an existence that we never knew how to explore?